Military products / Warships

Project 11356


The ship is designed to conduct operations on the high seas against enemy surface ships and submarines, as well as repel air attacks, both independently and as an escort ship of a task force.


Standard Displacement 3620 t
Length 124.8 m
Beam 15.2 m
Draft 4.2 m
Economic speed 14 knots
Range 4850 nm
Endurance 30 days
Complement 193

Main propulsion

Main propulsion plant Type Gas turbine
Max output 41220 kW


Strike missile: 1 x Club-N, 8 missiles
Air defense:
1 x Shtil-1, 24 missiles
2 x Kashtan CIWS
8 x Igla MANPADS
Artillery: 1 x 100 mm А-190E gun
Anti-submarine: 2 x DTA-53-11356 torpedo tubes
1 x RBU-6000
Countermeasures: 1 x ASOR-11356
1 x PK-10
Aviation: 1 x Ка-28 / Ка-31 helicopter, hangar, helipad, aircraft ammunition load
Electronic equipment: Fregat-M2EM radar
MR-212/201-1 Nnvigation radar
Trebovanie-M combat management system